Strategies of Dealing with Death

Posted: February 21, 2017


Am sitting under a tree thinking about an essay on death. The wind is blowing so fresh, and I find it very okay to describe it as a perfect day. Discussing death may be seen as some crazy idea but we should put into consideration that this is a significant stage in the lifetime of a human being. Death surrounds us in all kind of aspect. We as humans, tend to incline towards the notion that there is life eternity, but it is also true that death always cuts short the dream of living forever. Death has a large impact in human lives. We always hear on the news that accidents have occurred and the lives of many people have been lost. We also hear of people who committed suicides and other mysterious things that may cause the death of a human being, including chocking with food. It gets ironical when we assume that death has its time or that it belongs to a certain sect of people; unfortunately a person we love can die in a blink of an eye. This means that anyone can die at anytime, anywhere.


Avoidance of death talk

Avoiding death talk can be a good way to reduce the pain of a grieving person. Avoiding death talks or even people thinking about death can also lead to reducing the fears of death. It is true that death may lead to an emotional wound, resulting to psychological injury (Janaro 447). Therefore, we should try our best to keep off discussing about death to the bereaved ones. When my friend’s mother passed on, we realized that bringing back her mother’s memories only brought her more harm. It is thereby necessary to keep off talks about death to ensure that the bereaved people have a quick recovery of the loss of a loved one. When my mother considered taking a life policy, I realized the insurance sales person congratulated her on taking that affirmative action since anything can occur unexpectedly. He avoided discussing about death by use of technical terms to avoid giving her more thoughts about her dying.


In my point of imagination, cracking jokes, takes away the anxiety about death to many people. It is a way of taking yourself away from the worries of dying. Through joking about death we are able to feel that we are powerful over death. There was a time when my cousin was not feeling well and was requesting someone to buy her a drink, but just then, her mother popped in telling her that the drinks will only be bought during her funeral. We all laughed so loud. It is through this joking that gives us the pleasure at death’s expense. You may hear people saying that, it is not that they are frightened about death but only that they don’t want to be there. This shows that they have the feeling of having more power over death (Janaro 447).

Beautifying Death

Beautification of death comes in the sense of making death looks less of what it is or glorifying death. It may sound funny but this is another way of solving the fears of death or dying. We agree to beautify the corpse of our beloved ones to create the feeling that they are still alive with us. People hire beauticians to beautify the corpse to make the bereaved feel like their loved one is just sleeping in the casket (Janaro 448). My sister’s friend, who is an expert in this field explained to me that this art makes the bereaved, see the body of their beloved as attractive which helps them to keep the good memories. Through this, the dead person is taken to be alive and it helps in reducing the fears of death and the pain of losing someone.


I agree that losing a loved one is something that is not easy to accept and or deal with no matter how hard we may try to make it look simple. We should not allow ourselves to suffer in this grief all alone as it may lead to some emotional hurting. We should understand that there are people who passed through the same experiences of losing their beloved ones and still continued with their daily duties and work. Therefore, we should try to search for comfort in such trying moments. We should also accept the loss and take it positively because loss is something that people deal with in this life. Comfort will always come from God through the people we interact with during the loss period. As the Bible records, God gives and God takes.

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