Dunn Revisited

Posted: February 21, 2017

History of the companies before and after the merger to the present

Before the merger, Dunn’s Emporium is different and independent from the Deli next door. Before the merger, the Deli workers get a new manager. He is innovative and puts into place many changes. This gets him into some problems with the older employees due to his changes. Though he is worried about the general manager’s reaction to the changes, he is assured that he is for them. Dunn’s business has also experienced a critical change; the employment of a new working group with a different and distinct culture which threatens harmony despite working efficiently. Dunn’s place is also found to have poor communication that may ruin the efficiency of the business. The companies are in the process of a merger whereby Dunn will take over the Deli due to its manager’s, George, retirement. Though many employees are alright with it, some are not comfortable with the merger.

Observations regarding Dunn’s role as social architect in the business’ future;

The social architect’s role in business should be concerned with the public relations, advertising, customer service, technical support, partners, vendors, operations, human resources, marketing, and sales. It is hence an integral position for any company and its efficiency is necessary for the survival and growth of a company (Ni & Van Wart, 2015).

The factor of survival is especially required due to the merge up which may be challenging for the companies due to the interlinked management. Dunn has acted appropriately as the social architect by coming up with the position of a new general manager to make sure that the two companies coexist together efficiently after the merge. This will also be essential for the unification of the companies’ purposes. It ensures the achievement of certain goals including aiming for completion and quality of projects, decline of general costs, the amalgamation of management and the strengthening of the merge credibility (Schade, 2014).

Dunn is also considerate with what the human resources efficiency since he has introduced a new group of workers who are skilled and willing to work long hours and with more importantly an outstanding work output. This also translates to a more satisfied consumer base.

However, there are other situations in the company that has not been attended to due to Dunn’s deficiency as the social architect. For instance, Dunn is a poor communicator and he has not addressed issues that will change the social structure of the company, and this may be detrimental to the company, including the introduction of a monitoring software. In summation, Dunn’s role as the social architect is hence promising to the companies’ future survival, growth and success. However, the employees may experience difficulties and have low levels of adaptability due to Dunn’s poor communication.

Observations regarding Dunn’s 21st-century leadership challenges currently in the business;


The companies have faced changes that may lead to challenges in leadership. The first change that has been associated with a challenge is the onset amalgamation. According to the employees’ reactions, it is clear that some are not comfortable. This will create a challenge to the new conjoined leadership due to low morale in some of the employees. Dunn has had a change of employment, and he has a new working group who originate from South America. The change has complicated human resource section since there is a language barrier between the foreign group which uses Spanish and the local crew who use English. In the Deli, there is a new manager who has taken a different lane concerning the ice cream making. This has made him rub shoulders with the workers in the business due to conflict of interests. The introduction of a new general manager has also evidently sent anxious reasons in some employees. For instance, the ice cream manager doubts whether he will accommodate the changes he has made which if not addressed would have led to problems and differences between the two.


Currently, there is a challenge that is associated with diversity in the business. The company has employed workers who differ regarding language and culture. There are workers who come from the local geographical location while there are others who come from South America. The issue has been complicated by the language barrier that exists between the two groups. The South American group of workers have trouble associating with the others since they cannot speak English nicely and are apprehensive about the interactions. This leads to isolation whereby the South Americans interact together alone and may lead to disharmony and disunity in the group of workers.

Knowledge management

Knowledge management is obtained after the management acquires skills that enable it to conduct knowledge-based strategies. The knowledge-based strategies are very important to an organization and act as the base for the organization’s core competencies (Russ, 2010). The Dunn’s company seems to be unable to formulate means of rejuvenating the core competencies in its human resources by lacking adequate skills of uniting the workers despite their cultural and lingual differences. This is because they have evidently failed to provide an efficient means that integrates the two groups together for a more effective workforce.

To improve the core competencies of an organization, the company also has to improve the communication in the company. Managers should hence be willing to facilitate the access to information by the employees (Russ, 2010). However, Dunn has a challenge in his communication which is attributed to his failure to inform the employees on the new techniques or methods that will be used and their revolutionary effect in the company. For instance, he has not yet told anyone about the new monitoring software that will require staff scheduling changes and authority delegation.


Dunn’s role as social architect

Dunn's  leadership has had several achievements. The results include acquiring a workforce that improves the productivity of his human resources and the satisfaction of his consumers. He also gets credit for employing a new general manager who will ensure the survival of the merger.

Dunn’s leadership challenges

The business has undergone difficulties including failed diversity, failed to communicate on, problems between employees and disruptive changes. His position is weakened innovation deficiency on ways of uniting the workforce which has led to the isolation of the Spanish-speaking workers due to their language. He is also a poor communicator may lead to unwanted and unexpected situations in the company.

Recommendations for Dunn on his social architect role and leadership challenges

To meet his social architect and leadership role, Dunn has to reach the proficiency level that allows him to have an optimum working force. He will have to improve his architectural roles through a framework that provides the tasks within a working area and the skills required by each role. It should also involve the depth of the knowledge required to fulfill the role successfully. There should also be a common reference model for the identification of the skills needed to develop effective information systems. The model includes his actions as a leader, motivator, an innovator, and a communicator.

For instance, to counter the ignorance of the employees about the monitoring software that is about to be introduced, he should inform the as immediately as possible. He should also employ an effective means of informing the employees the changes that are expected after the monitor is introduced. He should also be more concerned with communication since according to Sehgal, it significantly determines the success of an organization. In fact, a corporation can be considered to be non-functional without communication. With a more proper communication of ideas and events that are to take place in an organization, there is better interrelation of goals and objectives in an organization and success is achieved more quickly. It will hence be appropriate for Dunn to improve his communication for a positive transition to the company and prepare the workers for coordination and integrated effort during the use of the perceived monitoring technique (Sehgal & Khetarpal, 2006).

He will have to motivate the South American workers to feel free to interact with the others despite having a poor command of English. The reason why the workers refrain from speaking with the others is that they feel that their use of English language is inferior and is hence connected to a diminishing self-esteem which leads to the isolation. However, motivation will set the light on the importance of engaging in interactions with the other workers hence they will do it more comfortably for the greater good of the company.

The motivated employees will interact more with the others without the feeling of exclusion and put on a higher performance which is important for the company. It will also improve their turnover in contribution sessions which will increase the range of ideas that are acted upon to improve the company. It has also been discovered that motivation helps the workers to put on a high importance as compared to other employees (Karami, & Maimunah 2013).

Innovation involves coming up with ways in which a company can solve its distinct problems from tailor-made procedures (Håkansson & Waluszewski, 2007). Dunn will have to innovate other means through which the barred language workers can engage in positive interactions. For instance, the workers would be involved in some activity that does not necessarily require business aimed verbal communications but rather a pastime activity that bonds them together. This reduces the isolation between the workers who hail from different backgrounds and enhances the diversity in the workplace. It will hence create a conducive environment for working whereby the workers are united and work in harmony.

Dunn should also act on his knowledge and use it to make strategies that will benefit the company economically. He should use the knowledge he has about the factors that may lead to detrimental effects in his business to strategize and plan carefully on how he is going to counteract the losses before they happen.

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