Revision Policy

At AwardedEssays, customers are mostly satisfied with our custom writing service due to the fact that we constantly communicate with our clients to produce the right paper for them. With open communication, misunderstandings will be prevented which is relative to a satisfactory service. Our Company are always open for revisions if the paper does not pass your expectations. These situations cannot be prevented in circumstances especially when there is a change of mind on how the writing should be done or the final product may not seem right according to the customer’s perception. We encourage our customers not to hesitate in communicating with us if you feel that the paper should need any revisions. Please note that your revision request will be free of charge if conditions presented below are present:

  1. The revisions to be done should still be in line with your original instructions sent to us. These original guidelines are the one you filled up in the order form. There should be no conflict between the original instructions and the revisions you are requesting to prevent charging of additional cost. If we have missed to follow the instructions precisely, we will fix it accordingly, free of charge. For example, if you have specified in your instructions that the paper should have 3 resources but the assigned writer only made 2 resources or there was an error in the format used on the title page or citations. Should these happen, we will no longer charge you with additional costs since these situations were clearly our own errors.
  2. You may freely request to revise your paper any time before you approve your order. Please note that you only have 7 days to request a revision after the order is initially approved by you.

Should you decide to have material and significant revisions to your order 7 days after your order is approved. You will be paying an extra fee for the revisions. Kindly contact us for an estimate of the additional charges.

Examples of revisions that will no longer be free charge are listed below but not limited to the following:

  1. You initially requested to have 6 sources but you changed it to 7. This type of request is not within your original order.
  2. You initially requested to make a 500 word essay but you recently requested to change it to 600 words.

Please note that we will treat revisions individually. Hence, we are reminding our customers to ensure that they give out full instructions and specification on their order form to avoid extra charges. We also urge them to communicate directly with their assigned writers. As your service provider, we aim for you to have the best experience which means we want you to avoid any additional charges to be added on your bill.

The order form is deemed to be the final order unless changed by the client. The pricing for your order is based on the filled out order form; hence, please understand that the revisions requested will not be free of charge if not within the scope stated above. This, we are requesting you to immediately contact us for any revisions requests and settle the payment right away if additional costs is needed. We will begin immediately with the revisions after payment is made.

Revision requests for complex orders, progressive delivery, such as full thesis or Dissertation orders, the deadline for such requests will be limited to 21 days after your initial approval.

If you wish to request for a different writer to handle your revisions, please give us additional time to find the right writer for you. Hence, please make request ahead of time, additional 12 hours to the deadline, to ensure that we will be able to finish the revisions on time.

In our Company, you will be given two choices to request for revisions. Either you can request via the request for revision button or through our customer support. Upon reviewing the paper accomplished by our writers, we will provide a link for a request for revision. Upon requesting, kindly indicate the changes you want to be made. Please clearly state in the form the specific revisions you want us to make to ensure that there will be no misunderstandings. Upon acknowledgment of the request, our writer will start with the changes once payment process is also done.

Our writers are very attentive and keen to details which is why we double our efforts in making sure we please you with our service. We take pride in our writing service; it is our utmost goal to maintain a high percentage of success rate. Though we always wanted to aim for quality excellence, revisions will be present from time to time even if we strictly follow the instructions. Ergo, it is our goal to get the revisions quickly to avoid delay on our part and for you to get the paper you ordered on time. Rest assured that regardless if the revisions will be free of charge or with additional cost, we aim to give you the best experience. We will give you unlimited revisions until you are contented with the final draft. We still strive for excellence- we will never leave you hanging and finish the job we started. Should you be needing any information about the Revision Policy, you may freely get in touch with our support team.

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