Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee gives clients the privilege to request for a refund if their order will not be fulfilled by our custom writing service. We receive highly satisfactory rate but should you encounter any problems with your order, you are secured with our Money Back Guarantee.

Our satisfactory rates are high wherein almost 90% of our clients keeps on returning to order more academic papers to us. There are instances of miscommunications with the clients that are inevitable which is why we refer them to Money Back Guarantee. Clients get a refund if they are dissatisfied with our service but please note that a full refund will only be applicable to certain circumstances.

No writer is designated to you: In rare circumstances, should there will be no writers assigned to you we will refund 100%. The client should not be worried if situations like these happen because our team will notify you right away. If you opt to have another writer to work on your revisions but no one is available at your time of preference, we will directly refer you to our dispute department to review and proceed with the proper refund after you request.

The paper was submitted beyond deadline: Part of our mission is to deliver your paper within the time frame. However, if the paper you ordered was submitted late because of extra instructions you added, we cannot request your grant for a refund. Please ensure that all details are already provided when you place your order.

Nonetheless, if the first version of your order was delivered after the original timeline, you can ask for a recalculation of the price which will be based on the deadline for delivery. If the order made is for a 6 hour delivery but only delivered to you an hour late. It will fall into the 24 hour category and will be less than the original price. The difference between the original and recomputed price will be refunded to you. If the delivery occurred for a long term order such as 11 to 14 days, a 7% refund will be made upon your request.

If there is late delivery of the first version and you do not approve of it, you are entitled for a full refund since you will no longer be needing the paper.

Refund related to late deliveries should be made in a note on your order page within 14 days from the date of delivery.

Dissatisfaction for the quality of paper:

If you are not happy with the quality of paper you ordered, you can request a revision which is free of charge or another writer will attend to you. However, a partial refund will be given upon your request if you are dissatisfied but accepted the paper. In you choose the latter option, you need to provide concrete explanation on your claim or you can send your version of the paper as evidence since we will still be giving the file made by our writers. If your claims are validated, you can get a refund for as much as 40% depending on the discretion of the Dispute Department. You may get in touch with our support team or in your personal order page to be assisted with the refund.

If you failed to provide us a support to back up your claim within 14 days, refund option is no longer a possible option.

If you are still dissatisfied but no longer accepted the work done by our writer, you can get a full refund on this. The process will still be the same as discussed above but you can get up to a full hundred percent refund. If you opted to get a full refund, our Company will have the right to use the paper. If the paper will be searched using search engines or anti-plagiarism software, the paper will be linked to our website.

Whether you opt to get a partial or full refund, we will conduct a thorough investigation. We will corroborate the result of our investigation and your explanation to come up with a solution.

Order made by mistake: If you happen to place an additional order but by mistake, you can cancel it but please contact our team as soon as possible. Please give us a heads up that the order was mistakenly made. Otherwise, the order will remain valid unless you request a cancellation before any writer will be assigned.

Two invoices sent: There might be rare instances that you will be billed twice, if this happens to you please notify us right away. Send us the two receipts so we can resolve the issue and give you a feel refund. These cases seldom happen that a customer will be billed twice but such instances happen, we may block the sum on your next order or we may provide discount to compensate with the sum you were charged.

Delay in payment:  If a client requests a refund due to the delay in order but we there is also delay in payment, the customer will not be entitled to a refund.

Note: If the customer claims on receiving a low grade due to the paper made by our writer, we will not be responsible for the grade and the customer will not be entitled to a refund. The ultimate responsible to ensure that the paper is good for submission is the customer.

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